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    We Pride Ourselves in being “Simply The Best”
    Our Founder Karen Gilbert

    Karen Gilbert

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    Ultimate dining experience like no other
    Tasty Caribbean Delights was born in May 2004 by the Gilbert Family. Our company was started when there was a need for sandwiches on a sailboat snorkeling tour, we saw the opportunity and seized it and the rest is history! Our first physical location came about during the Atlantis Phase three construction. We offered our services to the construction workers on the island as well as the general population who fell in love with our services and products. We pride ourselves as being “Simply the Best.”

    Customers were always wowed by the extensive variety of dishes we offered on a daily basis. Near the end of the Atlantis phase we transitioned into our Faith Ave location and since then we have grown from a 6 employee operation to a now twenty person strong employee base. We have become a household name in not only Nassau but the Bahamas in it’s entirety. We have countless customers that walk through our doors that make it a point to let us know that we are their first stop from the airport or even customers that bring their Tupperware to take our food with them to family members that live abroad! Our customers just love the taste, smell, friendliness, great presentation and that special Caribbean delight.