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    Karen Gilbert

    Meet our founder Karen Gilbert. In 2004 Karen started Tasty Caribbean Delights by providing a sail and snorkel company with sandwiches when they had no food to provide for the guests on the day excursion. From that one small seed an entire tree grew in the form of Tasty Caribbean Delights Restaurant and lounge. It was quite an interesting turn of events that Karen ended up in the restaurant business because her professional background is in nursing which she left to be a full time restaurant owner. Many people thought this was a very gutsy move to make considering the fact that she had a secure job which she was doing very well on...her response was "Where God guides he provides". Karen always strives for excellence and prides herself in running her business to the best of her ability hence the company slogan "Simply the Best"!

    Abigail Charles
    Sales & Marketing

    Meet Abigail Charles otherwise known as "The Tasty's Ambassador". Abigail has been a part of the TCD Team for over 12 years and has played a great role in the social media expansion of the business. She works diligently to get the Tasty brand in front of every person she encounters. When Abigail was asked why she is always so vocal about TCD she explained that she sincerely is proud to be a part of an organization that gives such excellent food and service. Abigail is a natural at public relations and has appeared on many of the local radio stations promoting upcoming events at Tasty Caribbean Delights. "The motto at TCD is "Simply the best" therefore my role can be nothing less" ​- Abigail Charles​

    Phylecia Sands
    Human Resources & Office Manager

    ​Meet Phylecia sands our human resources and office manager. Phylecia joined our team in March of 2017 and has been an invaluable addition! She is always friendly and accommodating with our customers and staff so much so that we call her "The diffuser" because her bubbly personality gives her the ability to diffuse any situation she is faced with on the job.​ Phylecia loves working with and interacting with people...she is truly a "Peoples person"; it is because of this that she says her time here at TCD does not feel like a prison sentence or something she is doing just to collect a paycheck. The best advice that Phylecia has to give is that every person should choose to do something that they enjoy as employment...that way you would never have to work a day in your life!

    Until I discovered cooking I was never really interested in anything
    Our Founder Karen Gilbert

    Karen Gilbert